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About the AgwaFarm & AgwaGarden

All answers related to the AgwaFarm and AgwaGarden devices

What is an AgwaFarm \ AgwaGarden? (Isn’t this just a greenhouse with a hydroponics kit in it? Couldn’t I just buy that off-the-shelf?)

Glad you asked! And no – our AgwaFarm and AgwaGarden are something entirely new – you can think of it as “an intelligent farm-in-a-box”.

  • It gives you the benefits of your own garden – fresh, nutritious delicious greens, vegetables, and herbs right outside your back door, or in you kitchen – without the work or a garden plot. (In fact, in the AgwaFarm, in a space less than ¼ the size of a parking spot, you can grow the same amount of produce as a [20' x 30'?] garden – and all year-round!
  • Our intelligent cloud-based “virtual grower” will notice when it’s time to pick tomatoes to stimulate growth, replace an older plant with a new seed pod, or help pollinate flowers, and notify you through the app.
  • The Agwa Devices are totally automated and intelligent – they learn and adjust automatically to what you plant, outside conditions like temperature and daylight, and optimizes everything to deliver the best possible yield – all you do is decide what to grow, drop the seed pods in, and enjoy your harvest when it's ready!