Agwa is looking for beta testers

Agwa is an automated vegetable growing platform. Our AgwaFarm operates with cloud-based technology to produce an ultra-fresh, nutrient-rich, and chemical-free vegetables. It enables you to eat what you grow yourself, straight from your AgwaFarm, and effortlessly.

It even functions as live “just-in-time” food storage, preventing food waste and eliminates the need for transportation and wasteful disposable packaging.

(And honestly - if you had a convenient bounty of fresh veggies in your kitchen - you’d probably start eating a little more the way you’ve been meaning to....)

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What does it mean to be a beta user

You get to be one of our first users. Give us feedback, share your experience with us, and get to shape our final product!


Monthly subscription: 29$/mo which includes: Pods, Nutrients and Virtual Agronomist service.

Device: Free for 6 months. Option to purchase at cost price at the end of the pilot.

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Choose a

vegetable pod

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Drop it in

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Wait while the 
Virtual Grower does its magic

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Pick your delicious,
perfect fruit, vegetable

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