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Installation & Startup

All answers related to the process of the Greenhouse installation

Do I need a water connection? A drain?

  • Yes, we’ll install a Y-splitter at your hose bibb (faucet).

How big is an AgwaFarm?

  • An AgwaFarm can fit in even a small yard or patio – its footprint is only 6' x 6'. The height is 6'7", so it’s comfortable for anyone to stand in.

Where should I install my AgwaFarm? What’s a good site? Can it go on a deck? What about sunlight/shade?

  • You can install it on any hard level surface.

How long does it take to set up? What tools do I need?

As a Charter Member, Agwa will provide full white-glove setup and get you started, on-site, at no additional charge

What does it need to work?

  • Your AgwaFarm only needs a 110v power outlet, a water connection, and WiFi.

What comes with my AgwaFarm?

  • We provide everything you need – the farm itself with growing trays, water and nutrient circulation system, special plant lighting, an intelligent automated control system with sensors and camera to connect to the Agwa smart cloud; and all the initial seed pods and nutrient to get your first bumper crop growing right away.