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All answers related to the plants you can grow in your Agwa unit

How many plants do my AgwaFarm and AgwaGarden grow?

  • In a typical setup you can have about 100 plants growing in your AgwaFarm, and 59 plants in your AgwaGarden at any given time!

How do hydroponic plants taste compared to ones grown in soil?

  • Surprisingly, better! Because the roots are better able to take up nutrients in a hydroponic system, flavors are more concentrated! Research at the U of Minnesota, for example, showed that herbs grown hydroponically have 20-40% more essential oils than those grown in conventional fields.[1] Also, store-bought varieties are bred to withstand shipping, handling and storage first and taste second – whereas you can grow heirlooms you’ve never had before, with flavor simply incomparable to even the best organic store-bought.

How long does it take to grow plants?

  • Of course it depends on the type of green or vegetable and even the varietal. As an example, though, arugula (“rocket”) lettuce is fully grown from seed in about 4 weeks. Good heirloom tomato varieties are typically 90-100 days (although some have been bred to start producing in about 2/3 of that). Most importantly, we will provide advice to trim your plants so that they will regrow more quickly, once the root system is in place. It makes a big difference!

How much do my AgwaFarm and AgwaGarden produce?

  • It depends on what you’re growing – some varieties grow faster than others, and there are so many things you can grow! – but as a rough rule of (green) thumb, a well-running AgwaFarm can give you about a salad-bowl’s-worth of greens and veggies 3 or 4 times a week!
  • And your AgwaGarden - about the same amount of salad bowls, with a slightly diffrent variety of vegetables.

Why do I need to replace plants from time to time?

  • Your plants will grow quickly and you may be able to harvest the same plant several times. However, after a period of time, some varieties will not grow any more or may start bolting (sprouting flowers). You will then need to replace them with new AgwaPods.

What happens if I don't use the plants that are growing?

  • As plants get older and grow larger root systems, they can interfere with the optimum flow of nutrients & water. You should always harvest greens and vegetables and replace older plants with new pods based on (the smart system’s) recommendations, both to optimize growth and to keep everything running at its best.

Can I go on vacation and leave my AgwaFarm?

  • Yes! Thanks to its away mode, the intelligent assistant is going to take care of your plants even when you are away and make sure they look great when you come back. It is recommended, though, to harvest any vegetables that are ready to pick.

Do I need to add water?

  • In your AgwaFarm - No. It continuously monitors its entire environment and adds water as necessary.
  • In your AgwaGarden - Yes. Every once in a while you'll get a notification to remind you to add water in the unit reservoir.

How do I order plants?

  • Just go to “Growing Plan” in the Agwa app and order what you want. Agwa will also remind you when you should think about ordering new plants, and will recommend some based on your preferences, including newly added varieties you may like. You decide! This is included in your membership.

How often and how many plants can I order?

  • Through the app, you can order all the AgwaPods you want from our portfolio (or even seedless pods to grow your own seeds)[1]. In order to reduce the environmental impact of transportation, your membership includes one shipment per month of up to xx pods. You can definitely buy more pods more often if you wish. You decide!

What is the plant food you provide made of?

  • The plant food is carefully formulated from a proprietary mix of mineral ingredients and provides the plants with all the macro- and micro-nutrients they need, like the commonly known nitrate, potassium, and phosphorus, as well as trace minerals they need for good growth (and taste!).

Are the plants I grow organic?

  • “Organic” is a USDA-defined term requiring inspection, so technically no home-grown vegetables are. But food from an AgwaFarm is definitely in the spirit of the guidelines, i.e.: “Organic food is produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations.” Agwa does not use or supply petroleum-derived fertilizers, pesticides, or gmo seeds – the key issues considerations of an organic crop program. Probably a good answer is that your food is “organic-equivalent” (or even better!).

Do I need to wash my plants?

  • While the Agwa system doesn’t use any pesticides or harmful chemicals, it’s a good idea to give any produce a rinse in cool water.

Which plants can I grow in my Agwa unit?

  • Besides all the plants we provide in AgwaPods, you can grow many other seeds of your own – small ones in individual spots or even some that spread more if you want to use the space that way. We are providing a portfolio of plants that our team keeps broadening. You can also order seedless AgwaPods and use your own seeds – we can help with which types of plants are best for the AgwaFarm.

What type of seeds are you using?

  • All the seeds we use at Agwa are organic, non-GMO seeds sourced from small farms in the US. We put great care in selecting the best varieties that will grow well in your AgwaGarden and are extremely nutritious and tasty.

Can I throw away a plant once it’s time to remove it from my Agwa unit?

  • Yes – the AgwaPods are made of completely degradable renewable materials and can be disposed of in your yard waste.