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Using the AgwaFarm

All answers related to AgwaFarm and AgwaGarden usage

Can I adjust the power of the lights?

  • There should be no need to adjust lighting intensity or schedules – our AI takes into account many variables including available sunlight, plant growth, and others and adjusts lighting accordingly for best growth. (If for some reason the lighting schedule does not fit your personal habits and needs, the Agwa support team can help resolve this.)

Can I adjust the nutrient levels?

  • This should never be necessary. We measure and balance all the variables – water, light, food, temperature, etc. – and adjust everything for the optimum growth of everything in the Agwa unit. Adding more nutrients doesn’t make plants grow faster – in fact it will probably harm them!

What happens if my wi-fi goes out? Are my plants going to die?

  • If your wi-fi goes down, your plants should be just fine! The Agwa unit has the latest information and will operate normally on its own. However, without wi-fi you will not be able to communicate with your Agwa unit through the Agwa app. The app will show you an alert to let you know your device is temporarily not connected.

If there is a power outage, are my plants going to die?

  • No, not in the short term. The Agwa unit is designed to be very resilient. In particular, each plant has water and plant food in its pod for its own consumption. As a result, even a power outage of a couple of hours should have no negative impact on your plants. However, a longer power outage (more than 6-8 hours) could have some negative effects. Your app will notify you of a power outage. Also, Agwa’s operating center team will be aware of any outages, monitor the situation, and be able to provide advice and assistance remotely. (Depending on the circumstances, Agwa may be able to provide on-site assistance if needed.)