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A Farmers Market in Your Backyard

A Farmers Market in Your Backyard

AgwaFarm grows the freshest, tastiest produce for you - no green thumb required

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The no-gardening garden

Autonomously operated by a cloud-based expert ‘virtual agronomist’ - you just drop in seed pods, and pick perfect produce!

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A year-round harvest 
of fresh healthy produce

Hydroponic soil-less technology produces all-natural, great-tasting food in much less time, saving space & water - and helping the planet. in seed pods, and pick perfect produce!

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An entire backyard gardenin just 6' square

Our integrated greenhouse system grows as much food as a 20x30'garden in less than ½ a parking space! No dirt, no bugs, no sprays, no waste. Just amazing-tasting food.

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A salad bowl a day...

You can grow over 45 different kinds of greens  and vegetables in record time, with new harvests every day. Your trip to the farm-fresh produce aisle is just out the back door...

Changing the way you get your vegetables

Our greenhouses operate with cloud-based technology 
to produce an ultra-fresh, nutrient-rich, and chemical-free salad bowl per day.

Agwa is an automated vegetable growing platform. 
It enables your family to eat produce you grow yourself, straight from your backyard, and effortlessly. 

It even functions as live “just-in-time” food storage, preventing food waste and eliminates the need for transportation and wasteful disposable packaging.)

(And honestly - if you had a convenient bounty of fresh veggies right outside your door - you’d probably start eating a little more the way you’ve been meaning to….)

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Choose a

vegetable pod

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Drop it in

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Wait while the 
Virtual Grower does its magic

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Pick your delicious,
perfect fruit, vegetable

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What you grow

Amazing Look & Taste

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