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Agwa Salad Kit

🌱 Agwa's Grow Kit Salad! 🌱

What a thrill to have landed your character kit: Welcome to Gardening! 🌱

We're buzzing with excitement that you're ready to embark on this green journey with us. Inside your kit, discover 4 pods brimming with premium seeds, promising to sprout into the freshest salads straight to your plate.

Eager to get started? Here's your rapid rundown:

1. Seek out that sun-soaked sanctuary.
2. Let your seed pods stretch and breathe.
3. Tend to them with tender care, keeping the soil moist.
4. Bathe them in the gentle glow of indirect sunlight.
5. Give each pod its own space to flourish, 10-15 cm apart.

Navigating the nuances of solo gardening?

While growing veggies is an adventure, securing a steady supply?

That's where Agwa swoops in to save the day.


Our state-of-the-art hydroponic system, powered by smart technology and artificial intelligence, revolutionizes gardening. It's effortless, making it a breeze to cultivate a continuous harvest of fresh, delicious produce. Say goodbye to non-fresh vegetables and start relishing in the joy of freshly grown veggies anywhere, anytime with Agwa.

Embrace the journey and savor the abundance! Want to learn about our technology? Click here.

Agwa 🌿

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