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The Future of Home Grown Vegetables

Why Agwa

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Virtual grower grows for you

Our virtual grower is powered by AI algorithms that customize a unique operating plan for each AgwaGardenTM based on its specific conditions and customer preferences.

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A year-round harvest 
of nutrient-rich vegetables

No matter the season, our platform creates and maintains the perfect condition for your vegetables year-round.

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Low ecological footprint

No pesticides or herbicides, more than 90% water use efficiency.

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Fun experience

Planning, planting, harvesting all with the support of Agwa’s interactive mobile app.

A Farmers Market in Your Backyard

A home garden powered by AI virtual grower

Agwa grows the freshest, tastiest produce for you - no green thumb required

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Our smart cloud-based Virtual Grower™ handles everything for you - you just drop in the seed pods you want to grow and Agwa grows for you

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Changing the way you get your vegetables

Our greenhouses operate with cloud-based technology 
to produce an ultra-fresh, nutrient-rich, and chemical-free salad bowl per day.

It even functions as live “just-in-time” food storage, preventing food waste and eliminates the need for transportation and wasteful disposable packaging.)

(And honestly - if you had a convenient bounty of fresh veggies right outside your door - you’d probably start eating a little more the way you’ve been meaning to….)

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Agwa is an automated vegetable growing platform. 
It enables your family to eat produce you grow yourself, straight from your backyard, and effortlessly. 

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Choose a

vegetable pod

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Drop it in

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Wait while the 
Virtual Grower does its magic

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Pick your delicious,
perfect fruit, vegetable

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What you grow

Amazing Look & Taste

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.