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Effortless vegetable growth

Agwa enables easy vegetable growing anywhere,
regardless of lack of experience or distance from the shore.

Agwa’s successful performance at sea

The maritime industry has undergone a significant evolution, changing the traditional perception of the conditions for its crew members onboard vessels. Crew well-being is becoming key for job satisfaction and retention in today's maritime industry beyond wages, and evolving expectations now demand comprehensive welfare and lifestyle benefits. Offering a consistent supply of fresh vegetables onboard vessels is an innovation with the potential to become a significant differentiator in the industry. The onboard vegetable grower that is fully autonomous and with minimal hassle. Agwa combines cutting-edge technology with consumer behavior science to create a user-friendly device that automatically grows your vegetables, giving you clean, fresh, and tasty produce, Everywhere. Anytime. The Agwa device utilizes three main data branches and sophisticated AI machine learning to monitor and collect data, generating a real-time growth policy that maintains optimal growing conditions. Image Analyzer. Sensory Data, and consumer behavior. The data is sent to our revolutionary AI 'Virtual Agronomist' which measures, calculates, and generates a specific growth plan to perfectly correspond with the plant's needs and status. This innovative and ingenious mechanism ensures that the Agwa device supplies the crew with a constant supply of fresh vegetables while giving its users a convenient, minimal-hassle experience. In addition, our user-friendly app allows updated and instantaneous access to the vegetables' status and growth plan. Our worldwide Marine community is growing by the day. It consists of companies that have improved the well-being of their crew with our Agwa devices to ensure a long-term, sustainable, and resilient maritime workforce.

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