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Experience the Future of Homegrown Vegetables.

Effortless, Autonomous Growing for Fresh, Pesticide-Free Produce Anytime, Anywhere.

Grow Fresh, Grow Autonomously

In our evolving world, there's a growing interest in fresh home produce, self-sufficiency, and environmentally friendly choices. We are more aware of where our food comes from and seek ways to be more self-reliant.

The best food you can eat is the one you grow yourself. As technology provides more options for a healthier life, we want fresh, clean produce for ourselves and our loved ones.

Meet AGWA, the world's first fully autonomous vegetable grower with minimal hassle. Agwa combines cutting-edge technology and consumer behavior science into a user-friendly device that grows your greens automatically from “seed to salad,” giving you fresh, tasty, pesticide-free veggies anywhere, anytime.

The Agwa grower uses three main data branches and sophisticated AI machine learning to monitor and collect data, creating a real-time growth policy that ensures optimal growing conditions. Key elements include Image Analyzer, Sensory Data, and consumer behavior. This data is sent to our revolutionary AI "Virtual Agronomist," which generates a specific growth plan in perfect correspondence with the plant's needs and status.

This innovative mechanism ensures the Agwa device is always updated, providing users with a convenient, minimal-hassle, and up-to-date status about their vegetables through a user-friendly phone app. Just choose your seed, choose your plan, and Agwa will handle the rest, notifying you when your greens are ready!

Our worldwide user community is growing daily. Families choose self-reliance and fresh vegetables every day, while companies and industries use our growing devices for their employees and customers around the globe.

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