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Agwa and Eastern Pacific Shipping ink commercial deal

Nov 2023

Agwa is excited to announce a pioneering commercial partnership with Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS), a technology-driven shipping company committed to seafarers' well-being. In this innovative collaboration, Agwa will deploy 400 cutting-edge autonomous vegetable-growing devices on EPS ships, ensuring a steady supply of fresh vegetables anytime, anywhere. Powered by Agwa's cloud-based "AI virtual agronomist," these devices guarantee optimal growing conditions, providing a simple user experience akin to a capsule coffee machine for plants. This partnership transforms the availability of fresh, nutritious greens on commercial vessels.


Cyril Ducau, CEO of EPS shares, "We are delighted to be part of this innovative venture with Agwa. Our commitment to the well-being of our seafarers, combined with our commitment to sustainable and technology-driven growth in the shipping industry, aligns with Agwa's vision. Together, we will strive to redefine the future of onboard dining."


Oren Saar, CEO of Agwa says, "Our innovative product provides a clear solution to the shipping industry: Delivering fresh green vegetables to all the crew members, even in a challenging maritime environment, thanks to our advanced AI system.”

About Agwa

Agwa: Cultivating Freshness Anywhere

Discover the future of effortless vegetable cultivation with Agwa – the innovative system that transcends gardening constraints, whether you're a seasoned horticulturist or miles away from the shore. At the core of Agwa's breakthrough is our advanced cloud-based AI Virtual Agronomist. Drawing insights from visual and sensoric inputs within the growing device, this intelligent system meticulously analyzes and refines parameters to create optimal conditions for plant growth. The outcome? A consistent yield of high-quality, delectable vegetables.

Picture Agwa as the capsule coffee machine for plants – a clever solution streamlining the cultivation process. Insert the Agwa capsule, and the growth journey begins. In just 2-3 weeks, enjoy the satisfaction of freshly grown, flavorful vegetables, even while sailing!

Stay connected and in control with our intuitive app, offering real-time updates on your plant's progress, ideal harvest times, and more. Agwa has already made waves by successfully being installed onboard commercial vessels, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh vegetables for the crew on their journeys.

Welcome to the future of farming at your fingertips.

With Agwa, experience the simplicity of vegetable cultivation anywhere, guided by the intelligence of our AI Virtual Agronomist. It's not just gardening; it's Agwa – cultivating freshness on the go.

About Eastern Pacific Shipping

With a history spanning 60 years, Eastern Pacific Shipping Pte. Ltd. (“EPS”) is a leading shipping company that is committed to the green and technology-driven growth of the industry. Headquartered in Singapore for the past 30 years, EPS is driven by its mission to be the safe and efficient transportation provider of choice to the shipping industry. Empowering that mission is a 6,000 strong and growing workforce across sea and shore. They oversee a versatile fleet of over 250 vessels and 23 million deadweight-tonnes across three core segments of containership, dry bulk, and tanker vessels. EPS’ shore team is fully integrated with in-house commercial, finance, innovation, IT, legal, manning, operations, and technical departments.

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